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MA: Lucien Klein by Dratma MA: Lucien Klein by Dratma
:iconmunona-apartments: ahh this is my first time applying for a group like this >//<

RP Information

Style - Drawing (preferred), lit (not often), headcanon

Timezone – UTC - 06:00

RP Platform

Notes = may take 7-8 hours, sorry ;v;

Google hangouts = for this month it may take me a couple hours to respond on weekdays, but after this month it'll only take a few minutes to maybe 45 minutes on weekdays, sorry I still go to school ;v; (fast option)

Discord = ^See Hangouts^ (fast option)

Idk, if you have a suggestion that would maybe be easier for you text-wise, I could probably go with it. Preferably something that I could use easily on a phone.

Name: Lucien A. Klein

Nickname(s): Luce, Luci/Lucy

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Ethnicity: French

Date of Birth: Feb 25, 1994
Height & Weight: 5' 8”/173 cm, 142 lbs/64.4 kg

Occupation: Freelance Interpreter, Makes around $3,300/37,900 yen monthly

Apartment Type: Singles Apartment


  • Dense- He has a hard time acknowledging other people's opinions about him, whether they are positive or negative. If someone “likes” or dislikes him openly, he wouldn't realize it unless someone blatantly said they hated or loved him. Even then it might fly over his head if your intention is to offend or hurt him. Insults and harsh or sarcastic words do not phase him. Neither do glares or rude gestures, since he can't see.

  • Ambiverted- He typically speaks for people considering his occupation, but in his personal life he still enjoys company as long as there aren't too many people talking at once. Once he makes a friend, he tries his hardest to keep in contact with them from then on. But he still enjoys peaceful nights listening to music and ignoring the world around him.

  • Kind- Overall if he realizes that someone is in need of help, whether he knows them personally or not, he is willing to lend a hand if he can. He is polite and sweet to those he meets, and purposely avoids topics that he knows people are uncomfortable with. He also likes paying for the people behind him in line when at restaurants, diners, or cafes, given that he has enough money at the time. He enjoys supporting people's goals and cheering them on from the sidelines whenever he physically can't help them along the way.

  • Curious- He likes to be aware of what is going on in his nearby surroundings at all times. And whenever things change and he notices something that he might be confused about, he will often go out of his way to sate his curiosity. For example, he might hear someone put something on the table next to him, but be worried about touching someone else's stuff. Yet at the same time, he doesn't like asking. Therefore he slowly and quietly paps the table to identify said object. He believes he is sneaky, but it's hard not to notice. Much like a cat.

  • Loyal- He is loyal to his close friends and family, and, albeit not being the best liar, would even fake a story to cover up one of his buddies. He usually is openly honest, but if a question or topic puts one of his loved ones at risk, he will politely end the conversation.

  • Animal-lover- He may not see them, but he knows a loving pet whenever he feels or hears one. He absolutely adores soft pets, although he is willing to accept less fuzzy ones as well- so long as they don't bite. >u>;

  • Independent- He lives on his own and likes it that way. He doesn't like the idea of being dependent on someone else, as he doesn't want to burden others over something as simple as lack of total vision. Once he gets used to a place, he can easily maneuver a room on his own without bumping into things. Although, his diet normally consists of takeout...

  • Sense of humor- He enjoys to laugh at jokes, both good and bad. Any form of pun can get him to start giggling in public. He himself isn't very good at cracking jokes, but once a joke is aid, his reaction is a sight to see. (hehehe get it cause he's blind)

  • Optimist- He tries to think about all of the good outcomes of an event first. However, he still thinks of the negative ones as well, but he doesn't dwell on them. He thinks that if you always think of the bad, you won't feel as motivated to take leaps of faith once in awhile.

  • Open book- What you see is what he is. He doesn't hide anything personality-wise about himself. He does not hate people for judging him, as he can't see them hating on him anyways. He enjoys who he is, he is comfortable with how he is living, and although he is willing to listen to others' opinions and suggestions, whether or not he decides to put the information to use depends on whether or not he sees it as something he needs or wants to improve. 
    For the most part, he openly speaks about himself, his opinions, and his emotions. His more personal feelings may be harder to get out of him, but most of the time, you can tell how he is feeling just by looking at him.

  • Multilingual- He will sometimes mix up his languages, as he orally knows four and is learning another one. It may take him a bit to catch on to a conversation after just speaking a different language, or catching him while he is tired/stressed/emotionally drained. He constantly slips up and mixes words from different languages into a sentence if he feels like it suits the sentence, even though it may confuse others. He seems to only be a master linguist when on the job.

  • Clueless- His lack of sight keeps him unaware of what's going on. If he walks in on something unexpected, he would never know unless you told him. His hearing does aid him in some cases, but most of the time his lack of wariness causes him to block out noises or conversations that may be more shocking or interesting to others.


✓ soft things

✓ listening to people's stories

✓ orange slices

✓ any and all pasta

✓ music of almost any kind

✓ stupid/lame jokes

✓ cooking/baking/fixing extremely simple foods (He feels extremely accomplished in this task)

✓ being clean

✓ spacious rooms

✓ fluffy and lovable animals

X really small or cramped spaces

X uneven or steep ground

X being pitied or looked down on due to his disability

X tedious or confusing instructions

X extremely hot or cold foods

X severe allergies in the spring time

X anything with a slimy or gooey texture (worms, snails, etc.)

Bio: He doesn't talk about his past often. The most you can get from him is mainly that he was born and raised in France, he had been put in an orphanage at 4 months old, he was adopted by a single mother at the age of five, and his best friend, Vivian (who still lives in France, but they keep in touch still!), helped him get through his school years and learned different languages with him. His answer to being asked why he moved to Japan is that “he thought he could have a fresh start here.” But if you truly got close enough, he may just leak a bit more here and there.

Additional Information:

  • He was born totally blind. He is fine with this fact and does not wish to be treated any differently than someone who can see.

  • He can speak Japanese, Korean, English, and French, which leaves him with small yet noticeable accents in every language he speaks except for his native tongue (French). He is currently trying to learn Spanish. He ironically hopes that one day he might master some form of sign language as well.

  • He desperately wishes to know more about “anime and manga”. He does “watch” the anime that airs on TV, albeit it sometimes being a bit confusing at times on what exactly is going on. (He did however watch Osomatsu-san in its entirety due to the hilarious nature of it)

  • He is behind whenever it comes to knowing about the latest technology and media. Although he does listen to the news at times, he doesn't really enjoy listening to the constant droning of reporters.

  • His bangs cover his face because he doesn't really enjoy or find satisfaction in getting haircuts. Therefore he lets it grow out, and tries his best to keep it soft and silky. He does however tend to get a bit shy whenever his face is showing, mainly because he feels exposed.

  • He has no fashion sense for obvious reasons. Nothing he wears will ever match intentionally. He chooses his clothing by whether or not it is comfortable to wear.

  • Years ago he got both his ears and tongue pierced due to losing a bet with his friend Vivian. Never. again. Although he does still wear small earrings sometimes.

  • He can sometimes tell whenever someone he is closer to is lying, although it doesn't work all the time. If someone he has just met lies from the very beginning, he wouldn't be able to catch on quickly at all. But if he has known you for awhile and then suddenly you lie, he'll recognize it via your tone, your pitch, the way you said it, etc. He most likely won't call you out on it, though.

  • If he becomes friends with you and finds out that you have soft hair, expect him to be playing with your hair from then on.

  • Favorite animal – rabbits. Favorite color – ( hahaha im so mean ;v; ) Hobbies – listening to the TV, calling his close friend/coworker who lives in France, wandering the streets of Tokyo out of boredom only to wind up eventually getting lost for a few hours, singing quietly in his apartment (sadly he is a tone deaf child).

  • (Has extremely rare emotional breakdowns in which he stays  in his home and doesn't to speak with people for a few days. He does this mainly because sometimes he needs awhile to calm down and recharge.)

  • (Has slight insecurity issues, but tries his best to hide them with constant optimism and smiles.)

TomboyVampire Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
He sounds really interesting (yes a hater of those squiggly little demons (aka worms))
Wonder how he'll interact with my character Chase?
Dratma Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah he hates anything sticky or slimy haha! 
He'd probably be pretty polite and a little too close for comfort with him like he is with everyone~
Until they got to know one another, then he'd be hard to handle haha xD
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